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Tibetan ashtamangala auspicious symbols Om pendant - PM072

Tibetan ashtamangala auspicious symbols Om pendant - PM072

$ 8.99

Buddhist Astamangala pendant. Detailed engraving of the 8 auspicious symbols on metal. Om symbol engraved in the center of pendant.

Measurements : Approx 47 mm wide x 52 mm height (approx 2 inches wide)


Astamangala consist of 8 auspicious symbols as follows :

• The Precious Parasol or Umbrella - Symbol of protection from all evil.
• The Golden Fish - Mostly seen in pairs- symbol of spiritual realization / liberation from the ocean of cycles of existence.
• The Treasure Vase - is a symbol of the inexhaustible spiritual riches
• The Lotus – Symbol of Purity
• The Right-Turning Conch Shell – Symbol of power and authority , also symbolizes the deep melodious sound of buddha dharma.
• The Endless Knot - Symmetrical knots that tie into themselves; without beginning or end , universal symbol of the eternity of life, the eternity of nature, and the eternity of love
• The Victory Banner – Symbolizes triumph over all negative influences of this world
• The Wheel of Dharma – symbolizes the eight-fold path of salvation.

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